667789-01 RCN 2310 16384 7KS12 EK T 5,0 FS 23C 53A 64 01 .. D EnDat22 37 01

订货号/ID 667789-01
型号 RCN 2310 16384 7KS12 EK T 5,0 FS 23C 53A 64 01 .. D EnDat22 37 01
产品名称 角度编码器
产地 德国
交货时间 现货
价格 我要咨询
技术资料 https://www.shzex-industrial.com/download

Beginning on September 20, 2023, this product may
be used only as a replacement product in systems
that alreay use it.

RCN 2310
Absolute angle encoder (singleturn) with integral
bearing and integrated stator coupling
System accuracy: ±5.0''
Data interface: EnDat22
Positions per revolution: 67108864
Output code: Binary
Power supply: 3.6 V ... 14 V
Shaft: Hollow through shaft for
axial clamping, diameter
20 mm
Flange version: Rectangular flange with
85 mm centering collar,
drainage channels,
Degree of protection: IP64 (EN60529)
Operating temperature: 0/+60 °C
Max. mechanical
speed/rotational speed: 1500 1/min
Electrical connection: Flange socket
Ultra-Lock, male, 12-pin
Pin configuration: D680849
Connecting direction: tangential
Special characteristics,
rotational encoders: none
Safety concept: For applications up to
SIL 2 as per EN 61508
and PL d as per EN ISO
13849. Refer to the